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The lottery that is controlled by the state ” KBC Head Office Mumbai” is notable among occupants of India. 2022 is the extended period of KBC. Lottery draws are reported by means of Sony TV and different wellsprings of data. There are various anecdotes about enormous bonanzas. In 2022, around 8.4 million rupees were won. 703 individuals were moguls. Many individuals are pondering which is the best spot to purchase a KBC HEAD Office MUMBAI 2022 Lottery ticket. There are two methods for purchasing tickets: disconnected or online strategies. We will examine the different choices accessible to purchase tickets inside this post.


What is the best spot to buy an affirmation ticket?

  • A pass to the state lottery is easy. There are five significant regions where tickets are sold:
  • Bank and postal branches;
  • Stands of shops, presses, and salons of correspondence
  • Lottery stands
  • Official site ” https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/“;

Buy by SMS.

The three decisions to buy a ticket are not fundamentally unique in relation to each other thus we’ll consolidate the three choices into one. The essential distinction is in where you buy the 2022 KBC ticket. The lottery booth offers the greatest scope of lotteries. There is little determination of lottery tickets accessible at Post Offices, banks’ branches, shops, and correspondence salons.

Comparable buy choices are accessible in different areas and stores. Addresses of ticket deals focuses can be tracked down on the authority site of https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/. You should show your city.

Purchase A TICKET ON THE KBC Helpline Number(+19188444111)

You can buy tickets online in this Russian Lotto lottery on the authority KBC Head Office number of the state lotteries in KBC Head Office Number (+19188444111). To buy a lottery ticket, you don’t have to join the site.

  • To buy tickets, you need to follow a clear technique:
  • Go to the site https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/;
  • The lottery determination is in the upper right-hand corner of the rundown.
  • Determination of tickets;
  • Installment for buys.
  • Rundown of lotteries on the gateway https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/

You can buy something like 10, KBC tickets on the double. There is likewise a “Gift” ticket administration. It is feasible to pay for KBC Season 14 lottery tickets by enlisting through the entry, and without.

On the off chance that you buy a ticket and are not enlisted on the site you really want to check your telephone number by utilizing the code, you get from SMS.

A ticket can be bought without enrollment

The web-based ticket buy administration is open the entire day, all week long. In the wake of joining on the entrance, the client joins the devotion program and is granted focuses for each ticket purchased. On the off chance that they win the award, the cash is moved to the individual record which works with the exchange of money.

Buy a ticket by means of SMS

The help for purchasing tickets by means of SMS is accessible to KBC Head Office Number (+19188444111), while purchasing a ticket through SMS, you don’t have to visit the entryway site and select a ticket. To buy a 2022 KBC ticket. In the event that you are enlisted on the site https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/and, you have cash for your own, then by adding the letter “C” toward the finish of the SMS, the installment won’t be from the telephone balance, however from the record on the JIO KBC site.

KBC LOTTERY winner online 2022-KBC 25 LAC Winner list 2022- KBC LOTTERY 2022
1. KBC-Lottery-Winner-List-2022

Conditions and restrictions for portable specialist co-ops while buying tickets by means of SMS

The data about the JIO KBC Lottery ticket through SMS is shown in the client’s very own record somewhere around an hour after the installment has been made to buy.

In the event that you have inquiries concerning buying a JIO KBC ticket, really taking a look at it and getting a triumphant ticket, and afterward, reach our JIO KBC support administration. To do this, on the https://jiokbclotterywinnerlist.com/click on the symbol of the discourse box. In the event that you click on the tab, it will open a window for you to converse with an online expert. You can send messages regarding the matter that you’re keen on.

KBC Registration Online 2022- KBC Live – KBC Registration for 2022 – KBC Game show Registration 2022

What is KBC registration number and how it works?

What is 2022 KBC registration Whatsapp number +19188444111

KBC registration number is the contact number that has been provided by the official KBC to the people so that everyone can get themselves registered to take part in the India’s famous game show KBC.

Who starts the KBC registration 2022?

The KBC registration 2022 is started by the Sony Channel. Many people from India watch the game show KBC excitedly and do want to take part in the game show KBC 2022.

How many methods are there through which one can get himself registered for the KBC 2022?

There are three methods through which one can get himself registered for the KBC 2022 that are;

  1. Via Sony liv App
  2. Via SMS
  3. Via IVR

What are the eligibility criteria for the KBC registration 2022?

If any individual wants to take part in the game show KBC 2022, then first of all he needs to know about his eligibility that he is eligible or not for taking part in the KBC 2022.

  1. The participants must be the national of India and should be 18 years or older. But few episodes named as the junior episodes include the participants under the age 18 years. The prize money that is won by the participants under 18 years is considered as points and transformed into rupees whenever they reach 18 years of age.
  2. Contestants have good mental as well as physical health.
  3. One individual can not apply on the behalf of another individual
  4. The individuals with any criminal record or any allegations associated with their names are not capable of participating in the registration process of the KBC 2022.
  5. The individual must have sound health at the time of registration.

When will the registration for KBC 2022 begin?

The registration for KBC 2022 will be expected to begin in the month of May 2022.

How many questions are there in the registration process 2022?

There are total ten question that are being asked during the registration process of KBC 2022. The users or contestants to be are required to answer the question according to the provided process and time.

For how many days, questions session for the registration of KBC 2022 take place?

Question session for the registration of KBC 2022 mostly takes 10 days.

What is the time provided by the KBC for answering a question?

The users are allowed to send their answers within the twenty-four (24) hours. The question is being asked at 9 o’ Clock p.m. and the user can answer the question till the next day’s 8:59:59 p.m.

How a person comes to know about the registration process 2022 being started or not?

The registration date for the year 2022 will be announced by the official website. Also, the date of the registration 2022 will be released on the Show and on the channel via advertisements on the television.

How to get registered for KBC 2022?

you can get yourselves register for the KBC 2022 through Sony Liv App, IVR and SMS.

What is Sony Liv App?

Sony Liv App is an official application of KBC 2022.

How to register for KBC 2022 via Sony Liv App?

You can register for the KBC 2022 via Sony Liv App by installing the application of Sony Liv. You can easily install the application on your smart phone from the Google Play store that is the option for the android users. The Apple users can also download the application from the App store. After installation, you need to give your Email and contact number accurately on the App. After that, you need to choose the age and gender accordingly. Give your educational qualifications and profession details along with the area of your location. At the end, you are required to answer the question that was being asked on the television show by choosing any of the four options A, B, C and D. As you answer correctly, you will be notified by a message on your screen.

How to register for KBC 2022 through SMS?

The users of BSNL, Airtel, IDEA, Vodafone and Jio are capable of sending the SMS for the registration 2022. The fee charges of the SMS are 3 rupees for one SMS. Read the question carefully that is being asked on the television show KBC. The SMS body must contain your age, your answer and gender. The SMS body will be like type KBC<space><A/B/C/D><space><Age in whole years><space><Gender>. For example; KBC B 23 F in case the selected option for the question is B and you are a female aged 23 years. After typing the SMS, send it to the number 509093. In case you answered the right option, you will be notified with a confirmation message afterwards.

How to register for KBC 2022 through IVR?

This is the old and the easiest procedure of registration than all the other methods. People are getting registered via this process since 2000. All you need to do is to call the number 0019188444111 on your mobile phone. The charges for making a call of one minute is 6 Indian rupees. Then you are required to press the numbers from 1 to 4 that are representing the options A, B, C, D. After that, you need to answer the questions related to your age and language. After that, you will be getting a thank you and confirmation in reply.

What are the documents required for KBC registration 2022?

The documents that are required for the KBC registration 2022 are;

  1. PAN card
  2. Address proof that you are actually the resident of India. For this, you can give your driving license, passport or Adhar card.
  3. Educational certificates to verify your qualification details.

What is the helpline number to reach the KBC officials 2022?

The helpline number to reach the KBC officials Whatsapp # 2022 is +19188444111.

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