KBC JIO Lottery Winner 2022 List of KBC Winners

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List KBC Site Official 25 lakh Lottery

What is the best way to be an active competitor in the All India KBC Sim Card Competition 2022?

Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) raffle the show on TV has a lottery that shares similar name to KBC. KBC lottery. This lottery will be open to everyone SIM card holders will be able to participate in the lottery automatically. In the end, lucky charms will stand the chance of winning the lottery. KBC Lottery offers 25 lakhs to the KBC lottery winners. It is a KBC SIM card gift is an automatic gift user can use your SIM cards. The KBC authority does not require customers to look up their KBC Lottery number. It’s an automatic self-registration prize. When you purchase your SIM card through SIM cards, you will be prompted. KBC is the only KBC head office number: +19188444111. If you have received a number that is not legitimate concerning winning the KBC Lottery Prize, please contact us at our central office telephone number. Kaun Banega Crorepati is also known as KBC is the most well-known show across India. It’s a reality TV show that is that is hosted by Amitabh Bhachan.

KBC 2022 Competition

KBC Lucky Draw in 2022 be held on the 20th and 10th of every month, which means you are now able to take part twice per month. Continue to recharge your SIM card to increase your chances of winning and better chances to win the lottery. dear customers, in the event that anyone contacts you and asks for your information for a prize, your one lucky participant in KBC 2022. If you’re requesting to transfer money into your account, do not deposit funds in the first place. Make a call to the KBC headquarters number to ensure that you receive a legitimate call. Or, if you want to be fake, a thank you.

In accordance with KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) the average Jio customer will be given two chances every month to be the winner of the KBC lottery across the whole KBC Indian 2022 SIM card contest. KBC provides a very efficient customer support around all hours of the day. Customers will receive relevant information and information regarding how to be successful in winning prizes in the KBC 2022 lottery. Don’t do anything until you’ve confirmed your lottery on KBC Lottery Database. KBC Lottery Database. Do not follow instructions provided by someone who is not genuine via WhatsApp until you verify your identity the authenticity of your lottery by making a call to the KBC Headquarters WhatsApp number +19188444111.

The most recent list of KBC 2022 SIM Card Giveaway Winners

According to the KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) report it is the most recent names of lucky SIM card winners from India. If you have any queries regarding the winners or an Indian SIM prize, you can contact the KBC headquarters number, which is +19188444111.

The good news is that for everyone in India You can now be a winner of the 25 lakh lottery on KBC with the help of WhatsApp and Imo. You’ve downloaded WhatsApp and Imo on your phone and your numbers will automatically be entered into KBC All India Lucky Draw 2022. You can view KBC All India draw result on KBC official website.

KBC All India SIM Card WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw

Are there any KBC giveaway until the end of 2022? The 1st and 15th of every month it will be an KBC Sim card All India Raffle Contest all through 2022. This means it’s now possible to join into the KBC Contest twice a month. There will be more chances to earn cash as you refill on your mobile. Some customers receive a phone message from an unidentified phone number. They declare that they take home the KBC 2022 contest.

Then they are requested to either deposit the specified amount into the account, or go to a specific website. In the event of such a situation the customer is advised to verify that the source is genuine or fraudulent. It can be confirmed by looking up for the code that is used by the phone number which contacts them to request details. False people are talking to customers about the prize of the KBC 2022 Lottery.

Since every customer is highly appreciated, we must let you know that it’s extremely simple to take part in the KBC 2022 prize today. There are a few easy steps you can follow to be a part of the contest. First, you must add the SIM card you intend to use. After the transfer is successful the database will then update to reflect the user’s mobile number. After the database is updated, during the KBC All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition 2022 the customer becomes an official participant with KBC as well as Kaun Banega Crorepati.

KBC All India 2022 SIM Card Lucky Draw Winner

If you don’t possess a lottery ticket registered, you can get in touch with KBC headquarters at +19188444111. Also, on this site you can view Jio Lottery or WhatsApp Lottery on this site. If you don’t have a lottery ticket but you’re worried, dial your mobile and call KBC Customer Service Number +19188444111 for the actual KBC lottery number immediately. Once you’ve received your official KBC lottery code, you will be able to check the database each day.

KBC 2022 Lottery Winners List

Contact Number: # +19188444111.

All India Headquarters Numbers we offer. 2022 India KBC Lottery Winners to verify online and then call the

KBC helpline number: +19188444111  

Mumbai to claim your lottery winnings.

KBC head office number as well as KBC toll-free number.

To file a complaint regarding any complaint related to KBC Lottery, you can contact us at our

KBC Hotline: +19188444111

KBC WhatsApp: +19188444111

Toll Free: +19188444111

Here is the List of KBC Lottery Winners in 2022

  1. Mr. Sarwar Lahori’s win amount 25 Lakh lottery number 8991. Cell number: 837 **** 736. 
  2. Mr. Tariq Ali win amount 25 Lakh lottery number 0150 Mobile # 837 **** 666. Win sum of. Laxmi Lottery number of Jaiswal 25 Lakh 0786 Mobile Number 673 **** 221. Lottery winnings amount from
  3. Mr. Anwar Ali 25 Lakh 87390 Mobile phone number 763 *** * ***** 362. 
  4. The winning amounts for Mr. Ehsan Don 25 Lakh Lottery Number 89917. Phone # 878 **** 878. 
  5. The amount of winnings won by the lady. Anita Singh 25 Lakh Lottery Number 87333 Mobile Number 784 ** 738. 
  6. The winning amounts from Mr. Vijay Kumar 25 Lakh lottery number 89915. Mobile phone # 983 **** 000. 
  7. Win amount of the Mr. Arjun Thakur 25 Lakh lottery number 89912, mobile phone # 939 **** 221.

This is the most recent KBC 2022 Lucky Winners List. If you’re an KBC Winner, but your winning number does not appear on the KBC Lucky Winners List, you should call our KBC Lottery Head Office at the number +19188444111 as quickly as you can.

Amitabh Bachchan honored the occasion and chose as the winners. Winner of cash prize draw was the lottery number 8991 KBC check the lottery online. Amitabh Bachchan, the CEO for KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) said: “KBC has achieved this success because of the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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